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Foolish Senpai - EPK 3820

Silly Senpai - EPK BIO: The phrase �senpai�, is rooted in Japanese society and pertains to the �senpai-kohai system� which underlies nearly all associations. Senpai (??) in most cases signifies �master� or �teacher�. Underground Michael Curry, identified by followers as Silly Senpai, provides his introspective rhymes using a one of a kind design. He started out his musical profession in 2018 whilst living in Japan. As soon as he moved back again stateside, he reunited with his longtime pal to kind the rap-duo �Kings Really don't Die�. In 2019, being an unbiased artist he has produced (3) solo initiatives and (1) team venture. Foolish Senpai has labored with industry artist that include Styles P, Lecrae, Nature, GemStones, and KJ-52. Underground He is continuous perfecting his craft although keeping true to himself being an artist. He aims to persuade other individuals even though telling his tale through his songs.
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